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Railsconf, and the blogging frenzy.

Published: May 17th, 2007

I’m here at Railsconf, and I’m going to bring you the details as it happens. Stay tuned for details!

Alright, so I’m here, we’re here; how fun eh?

Enough of how green Portland is, let’s get to how red Railsconf is…

First of all, who the hell made developers get up so early? That was a horrible decision! We are not morning people, ha.

Obviously I am complaining because I woke up late. Once I got to the conference I took a look at the Scaling Rails From The Ground Up tutorial, but it wasn’t that exciting or appealing to my tastes. I’ll leave that to the super geeky-admin-type developers out there (I shouldn’t be talking, I have a bash script t-shirt that recursively owns ./base).

Anyway, who ever else is here go ahead and look for the young looking-guy with too much hair. Yep, that’s me. Never knew I was that young did you, or that I had too much hair?

Rails Conf day 1

(Currently in the javascripting tutorial. I had to leave the Intro to TDD and Scaling Rails. TDD was too newbie, and Scaling Rails was way too boring).

p.s These blog posts are going to be very at the moment, so don’t throw ruby’s at me for odd sentence structure or confusing segments. I’ll try to clean everything up as time goes on.

I’ll try to blog as much as I can to get all the info that you are just dying to read! Go ahead and send me an e-mail if you want to request something.

p.s.s Did I mention the first person I saw was DHH, AND the first person that said hi to me? Everyone at the registration booth was just staring at him. He’s like a celebrity, how funny or cool; whatever floats your boat.

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