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Railsconf - Day two

Published: May 19th, 2007

Railsconf, day two; stay tuned for live details!

Today was a good day at Railsconf, I’m still here actually; listening to the keynote by Ze Frank (who is absolutely hilarious). I’m quite surprised how much time is spent at the convention center today. I expected it to be over pretty early like yesterday, but apparently sessions are going until 10:30 p.m - which freaking rocks!

I am going to be posting a freemind-map of all sessions I attend from now on, and also the ones from Thursday. Free Mind is very powerful software for almost anything related to thoughts. I’m too lazy to re-type all of my notes into my posts, besides it would make things way too long. So just check out my note files. e.g of an actual mind map: Practical Design for Developers (ooh a preview of Saturday’s session!)

So anyway, to the juicy good details of the opening Keynote by David Heinemeier Hansson:

There was nothing completely revolutionary about his keynote, but at the same time it was very appealing to see.
What seems to be going on in edge Rails is that, it is going through ’spring cleaning’ as DHH put it. Slowly getting rid of unnecessary junk, and going more into the idea of getting even more things for free. There was a very strong emphasis on “RESTful development” by DHH, basically staying “Why wouldn’t you?” . The most amazing thing I saw was the re-implementation of breakpoint (it was broken by Ruby, but it’s now working in edge rails). Why? Well basically because breakpoint now implements ruby-debug - DHH was doing a live demo of it, and basically the breakpointer stops, and restarts itself between the breaks that you do. Definitely an immensely powerful tool, that I hope to play with asap.

Clean Code Rails Conf 07

Next in the list is Clean Code, this was a very entertaining session. Robert Martin, the speaker, had a lot of energy and really presented a ton of good concepts during development. I don’t really know what else to say besides how bad ass this session was. Clean Code Mind Map

Doing REST Right

After that I attended Doing Rest Right, I have two opinions of it; a) Interesting theories and resolutions, b) useless in my opinion. The reason why I thought the session was a waste of time in the end, is because I really wanted to see some actual implementations, and discussions / problems for “Doing REST right”. I did not want to see why theory x leads to theory a’s resolution. I really feel like a lot of sessions are mislabeled. But oh well, it was still a good session of information, just useless on an actual production level. The speaker was really knowledgeable, not trying to slam on him; definitely a cool guy. I would have liked to check out Taking Rails Tests to the Next Level instead, but I actually heard they were bashing RSpec, so maybe not. Doing REST Right Mind Map

Building a Video Transcoding System for Ruby on Rails
(links to a funny slide in the session)

Next up, Building a Video Transcoding System for Ruby on Rails - This was just absolutely great. The whole session had a ton of knowledge on codec’s, player integration, and The Office demo’s! Playing The Office was just such a great addition to the already entertaining session. Definitely my favorite session so far. Building a Video Transcoding System for Ruby on Rails, HTML Mind Map (not much in this one, it was too entertaining to pay attention to my note-taking.)

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, a beautiful session of how to become a better developer. A lot of great things were mentioned in SSG. Basically, learn from those that are better than you. Check out all the code that you can, especially repositories like technoweenie’s, and even the base of Rails’ code. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, HTML Mind Map

Spam I Have Known, Rails Conf 07

Spam I Have Known, I thought this would be a boring, useless session; as I know of askimet’s great implementation of tackling spam (which the speaker had no idea about, don’t know why), on the other hand though, this was a really entertaining session. For the most part, it was entertaining because a bit of the session was describing different types of spammers, and then bashing on them. Very entertaining, and actually some interesting information regarding spammer techniques. Ended up being another of my favorites. No mind map for this session, it wasn’t really anything worth taking notes on in my opinion. Probably would have been useful to you though. Sorry guys, maybe catch information on this from someone else, or try the slides if they are released.

Overall a pretty damn cool day.

p.s I realize a lot of my sessions are probably related to the keynotes / slides that are available, but I also have my own notes integrated within them if you are interested. I don’t really know how useful they will be to other people, but either way I’ll release it to the public. No reason for me to keep them private, right? :)

p.s I’m not sure which was the ideal way of posting the mind map sessions. I can do pure html, html + javascript list style, or html + javascript in a complete mind map on the web. If you have a preference let me know. For now I’ll just put it in as html as it’s the simplest thing to do.

I couldn’t agree more on your thoughts on the Doing REST Right talk. It could have been a great talk, if he would have given some examples. Especially since the title of the talk was, after all, Doing REST Right!

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  • May 22nd
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