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Railsconf Compilation, rest of my notes, session, opinions, and pictures.

Published: May 24th, 2007

My trip summary at Railsconf 07′


There is just way too much stuff to type. So what I’m going to do is post some pictures, explain what that is from, and give you an idea of the “atmosphere” of railsconf at that time. Like I also promised, I will give you locations on where you can download all of my notes.

I actually just want to say one thing, the best time I had at railsconf was the RSpec BoF session. My reasoning for this is that it was in my opinion, what every other session should have been like. There was a very good presentation of information that isn’t easily uncovered from a basic documentation page, or features list (like most of railsconf). The most important aspect of this BoF was the fact that the developers/speakers were able to closely initate in conversations with the group that was attending it. There were many questions, and there were many answers; it was a very close-knit collaboration, and I loved it.

Mind Map Rails Conf Notes. Most of my notes are directly in mindmap, I didn’t export all of them into html. This should force you to actually download FreeMind, trust me; you’ll love me for it. Call it harsh love :)

I’ll pull in a couple photos from RailsConf on sunday from my flickr stream, but if you want to see the others, just check out my page. They also have descriptions so it should tell you what was going on at the time.

Middle Aged Ruby Guys

Well the story behind this slide (being presented by Dave Thomas in the final keynote) is that some guy created a website “rubychicks” and posted it all over the Railsconf irc channel. What was on the site, were stalkerish photos of the girls that were attending Railsconf. What a horribly creepy thing to do right? So Dave commented on how horrible and insulting that was, “How would you like” - Then I laughed for about 5 minutes.

Rails is Love

During the final keynote, Dave was talking about new logos. Well apparently I’d love to see this one as the new Rails logo, c’mon it’s so loving!

Object Orientated, Not Class Orientated!

Again, at Dave’s keynote: He mentioned that we are in “technical cargo cults” and we are doing a lot of things the wrong old, generic way, and we should try something new. He said that we are programming in a “class-orientated way”, when really the paradigm should be object-orientated. I thought this was rather interesting. Also check out these pictures for how we’re just going in “cycles” and not inventing anything really new.

End Rails Conf

End Railsconf *sniff*, *tear tear*.

Check out a bunch of official slides from the presenters.

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