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Capistrano 2.1 out! Includes GIT support!

Published: October 14th, 2007

The latest version of Capistrano is out, and a long with it comes exciting new features; including support for your favorite SCM GIT!

This release is very promising, I wasn’t expecting a push with this many features so fast. Here are two of my favorites:

Git SCM support. Many thanks to Garry Dolley, Geoffrey Grosenbach, and Scott Chacon for their work on the new Git SCM module for Capistrano. If you’re a user of Git, you can now do:

  set :scm, :git

There’s also another badass feature, “matching”. Example:

Use `match’ to check dependencies. There is a new remote dependency method for deploy:check: “match”. You can now look for arbitrary regular expressions in the output of various commands to see if things are set up correctly:

  depend :remote, :match, "rake -V", /version 0\.7/

Sweet, eh? Anyone else excited about utilizing these new features?

Hey, I wanted to ask you if you have used the Sprinkle gem and if so what do you think about it?

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