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Rubyists Receive an Amazing Present This Month

Published: December 3rd, 2007

You should be happy; I’m certainly happy. Reason being, I’m getting the best present ever this year, and you probably are as well. Why? Well, say hello to Ruby 1.9!

For those who don’t know, Ruby 1.9 is coming out this month. This is really cool for several different reasons, but what I’m most thrilled about is the speed increases from switching to Yarv1 from MRI2.

Some of you may be asking, how big of a speed increase? Well, judging by these statistics, it’s around 3x faster. That’s a HUGE deal. This really is a great time for Ruby. Check out this article for the test results, it’s really impressive.

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  2. Ruby’s main interpreter so far []

Yep can’t wait to run my Rails apps on ruby 1.9. I think there’ll be a need to be a period where Rails gets updated for 1.9 compatibility though so it probably won’t work with 1.9 from the get go.


If I’m not mistaken, Rails 2.0 was built with Ruby 1.9 compatibility in mind. I don’t think there is a need to fear.



Well, I’ve been watching the Rails Trac timeline recently (it’s what I do when I get bored and when submitting patches) so I know of the 1.9 compat stuff that’s been done by Jeremy Kemper, but as far as I can see with the recent trunk builds of Ruby 1.9, there are still failing tests.

I’m not complaining, just stating what I think is a fact :)


There’re “still failing tests in Rails 2.0″ when run against trunk builds of Ruby 1.9 is what I actually meant to write.


Yeah it’s me again ;)

Here’s the Ruby 1.9 compatibility ticket for your enjoyment :) -

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