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Are We Fischy Friends?

Published: March 14th, 2008

While I was digging through an old project of mine, I realized that I wrote one part of the system as a plugin. I’m no longer working on this project, so I decided I might as well release what I can to help others out. Thus, I bring you Fischy Friends!


This plugin is far from perfect, it never hit production quality, on the other hand during testing it was acting as intended.

The Idea

The basic idea of the plugin is that it’s plumbing for a friends system. More unique than not, I took a different approach to what defined someone as a friend. Let’s say Bob is a fan of Josh. Josh now has one fan. Let’s say Josh saw some of Bob’s work and now decides he’s a fan of Bob; according to Fischy Friends, they’d officially be friends now.

The Plugin

The Fischy Friends Plugin will supposedly give you the above functionality. I say supposedly because it’s probably rough, it’s possible it’s broken as my logic can be skewed sometimes and I’m not the best programmer in the world. If you catch a bug or two, please fork the repository on Github and I’ll merge in your fixes for the general good.

Git It & Fork It

Check out the GitHub repo at:

You’ll also see that the README on that page provides a RSpec spec on the basic idea.

Enjoy, and don’t be afraid to be a Fischy Friend!

p.s Don’t bite if the plugin sucks, I’m simply sharing some code that never and probably never should have made the bin.

p.s.s I’m late on the Twitter train, care to add me?

Surely this line:
self.friends_by_me.include?(friend) ? true : false
.. can drop the “true : false”?


Hi Dan, this plugin looks like exactly what I’ve been after today.

Any idea if this is compatible with will_paginate?



I’ve used it with will_paginate, it should work.


Awesome blog skin Daniel. Did you make it yourself? I’d love to see what you’d do with a Wacom tablet. :-)

  • Tim Haines
  • Apr 22nd

@Tim Haines

Thank you very much for the compliment.

What you said is really funny because I was just about to ask my boss if he’d invest in my creativity and buy me this:×12.cfm?CFID=3731659&CFTOKEN=80600733 :)


I saw you tweeting about it earlier..

  • Tim Haines
  • Apr 23rd

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Very nice stuff! Will use it in my site once Facebook Connect is live on it…


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Is there any ‘production ready’ friends plugin by now or is this still the best to get?

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