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Railsconf Ruby Hero Awards - Grats to the winners!

Published: June 1st, 2008

I just wanted to say congratulations to the winners of the Ruby Hero Awards! I also wanted to thank everyone that nominated me for an award. Here are some of the things you guys said…

Congrats to winners

Congratulations to: Evan Weaver, Tom Copeland, James Edward Gray II, Ilya Grigorik, Yehuda Katz, Ryan Bates.

They definitely deserved it.

Some things you said

I’d like to give a thanks to everyone who submitted my site for an award. Here are some things you guys said, with author anonymity in place1.

I’ve fallen many times as a coder and Daniel Fischer has always been a true encouragement to me and I’m sure for other members of the community. Daniel Fischer deserves to be a Ruby Hero!

Daniel publishes some very cool postings, contributes to a few projects, and most of all, has a really amazingly well designed blog.

Writes creative and informative blog posts on ruby related programming. I’ve really learned a lot from this guy. He’s even getting published now! All while being only 18 years old - he’s definitely got a bright future ahead of him.

Daniel is an interesting character. I found him from his very inspiring blog. Not only can this guy program ruby, but he has great taste as a designer. When I found out that he was 18 I was pretty shocked… especially since I called him so many times to answer my questions and he sounded older than me, and I’m 30!

Every time i have a ruby question i stumble onto this guy’s site. Not only that, I’ve seen the sites he has done. Straight Baddassery

daniel is an amazing rail programmer. just google "los angeles geek" and see him at #1

Daniel is like the Navy Seals of the development world. You send him in when you need the best of the best to get the job done. No frills, just gorgeous code and bad-ass development.

Daniel Fischer is an extremely knowledgeable person of Ruby, and if he isn’t a hero then no one is!

Frequently offers useful advice on his blog.
Restlessly helps out fellow coders.

On his wonderful site he posts a lot of great articles on ruby and rails.

This blog rocks! Great tips and tutorials!

I’ve worked with Daniel on a number of projects, and sure knows Ruby really well!

He is ahead of the Ruby on Rails curve.

Thanks guys!

p.s It’s the last day of Railsconf and I’ll be writing up a conclusion on the events tomorrow.

  1. sent to me from the guys who run the Ruby Awards. Thanks! []
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