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Using GoDaddy DNS with Heroku

Published: December 9th, 2009

Have you seen Heroku yet? If not, go check it out. Heroku is amazing and I’ve been obsessing about their platform for the past couple months. Here’s a way to use it with GoDaddy’s DNS.

The Problem

For a small side project I needed to point my domain at GoDaddy to the Heroku servers so my domain would be properly mapped. The usual way to go about this is to delete all DNS information in your GoDaddy DNS Panel and then add a cname record for “www” that points to “” - great! Now what about the top level domain? A records only point to ip addresses so you can’t point it to - DOH!

The First Solution

The solution to this in the past was to type “” (note the period at the end) and then point it to; however this no longer works. GoDaddy strips the period at the end of any value for a cname record. So what’s the official solution? Forwarding. You can setup forwarding so that points to

This may not be the best solution. I’m not a DNS expert by any means but it will get you the above functionality described. If there’s a bad reason to do this can anyone shed some light?

The Other Solution

The other solution is typing “host” and grabbing the 3 ip addresses that it outputs and then creating an A Record for each ip. This works but then you don’t get the benefit of the ip addresses being provided for you through a proxy (which is damn cool).

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