Daniel Fischer

My passion is creating, and I find happiness in being a better me today than the me yesterday.

My pipedream is for extraterrestrial contact; preferrably a ship coming to Earth. I'd settle for being a coloniser on Mars though.

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Daniel Fischer is one of the most talented, intelligent, consistent and genuinely good hearted people that I have had the opportunity to work with.

Daniel possess an incredibly rare mix of design awareness, development talent and business intelligence. He is my go-to tech resource (Pocket CTO if you will) and quite honestly, has impressed me with positive outcomes on every project that I've had the opportunity to work with him on.

- Raaid Hossain, VP & Co-Founder, Wiser

Daniel is a great guy to work with. Good spirit, competent, and more than willing to put to long hours in to meet our deadline --- H works with a lot of structure and understanding in a area of web development where this is rare. He's got a eye for design and good coding sense.

- Benjamin Bryant, Special Projects, Pebble

Daniel is a highly talented designer and thinker. Daniel can quickly understand what our needs are, what our audience expects and quickly speak to that. His work ethics is stellar as his expertise. I would be thrilled to get to work with Daniel again and I highly recommend him.

- Hung Q Tran, CTO, Machinima

This is the first time I am writing a LinkedIn recommendation for someone voluntarily - and Daniel truly deserves it. Daniel took over the project at a very critical time. Within 3 months of the project, the team rallied around him and rewrote and delivered the entire real-time messaging platform (API, data model, web front-end, and hybrid mobile apps) under tremendous constraints. Daniel simplified the engineering processes, works extremely well with the entire team, pays great attention to details, and always follow up/through. Best part is that he's multidisciplinary. Apart from being a great product manager, he understands UX/UI and is an excellent hands-on coder. Daniel is grace under pressure and I will work with him again anytime.

- Samuel Chow, Dir of Innovation Labs, Farmers

Daniel is one of those extremely rare individuals who can both design and code with equal fluency. As a user interface and user experience desiger and implementer, he really does speak the 'native language of the web' with impressive chops in HTML/CSS using HAML and SASS, and JavaScript. His Ruby on Rails knowledge is impressive, and his ability to command jQuery is incredibly useful for a UI developer who is also a skilled designer.

- Ron Evans, Ringleader, Hybridgroup